Exceeded Expectations!

I found Joe on Zillow.com. So, first of all, thank you Zillow!

It is my pleasure to write this review for Joe.

Joe is a person of great character and integrity. I was extremely happy and lucky to have him as my Realtor and Adviser. I was the first time home buyer. Joe provided
tremendous help at each stages of finalizing the house, starting from helping us define our selection criteria till the closing, and even after closing.

Joe was very prompt and professional in scheduling house listings we selected. He is very punctual. He was very quick in understanding out likes and dislikes about houses. He never rushed us into making a hasty decisions. He is very honest. He provides his perspectives and lets you make your decision, not someone who wants to make a quick sale and get out of it.

Joe was very professional, thorough and helpful in the process of closing the house. The area we had selected to buy the house is very competitive. Most Houses get over 10 bids. When we liked a listing, Joe would have the custom made offer ready within an hour. He understands the sense of urgency in the market. Example – the hose we liked and ended up buying – we had an offer ready within 45 minutes of house review!

Joe has many references for follow-up work on closing (selecting broker, inspection agency, house repair utilities etc) I used many of them and I was very satisfied.

In summary, Joe is not just a real estate agent, he is the complete package for House buyers. Very trustworthy!! Exceeded expectations! I strongly recommend him.

— user2733790