Out of Town Buyer

This review is a little over due, but I cannot say enough about Joe. My girlfriend and I were relocating from Orange County, CA to Dallas, TX. I knew about my move about nine months prior to moving. As we were not in the Dallas area we relied heavily on Zillow for help. Not only did I use it as a base for home shopping, I also used Zillow to research neighborhoods that would suite our lifestyle that were in my price range. We went through about six other agents prior to finding Joe.

The reason for the many agents was simple, a couple of them never took me serious because I was moving from out of town. A couple wanted to sell us on a dream house and claim its the most important decision of my life. I knew the house I was going to buy was not going to be a house I was going to live in forever. I wanted a house that was at or below market price, and we definitely didn’t want to overpay. I was proactive and would send listings to agents that interested me that popped up on Zillow and the local MLS app and would receive no response. It seemed as if I needed to be in Dallas for those agents to take me seriously. We were handing them the commission no one responded.

We met Joe while I was on a weekend getaway and he asked that I keep in touch. He was very respectful and did not pressure me into anything. We were about a week away from visiting Dallas to view some properties, and had found a condo we wanted to make an offer on. We decided to give up on all hope from other realtors and to give Joe a call.

From the minute we called Joe was nothing but awesome. He went to the house the day after we spoke and give his professional opinion. We ended up making an offer the day after his visit. The owner accepted and we quickly dove into the home buying technicalities, including some setbacks that came up in the inspection. Joe was able to write up the counter offer in a way that was undoubtedly confusing, but Joe told us to trust him and expressed his reasoning. Sure enough we got the full cost of the repairs built into the loan and closing costs. We closed a couple weeks later and Joe sent me the keys.

In conclusion, Joe is fantastic and I think very highly of him. He listened to what I needed and did not try to sell me on a house just to close a deal. He was responsive and agile enough work through various setbacks. From taking over the mess from being an out of town buyer to getting me into a great place, Joe was always there and easy to reach. There’s a reason he has so many great reviews. I will absolutely use him again in a year or so when I sell my condo to buy a house.

— Jack Urbano